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Come and discover our Healthy Spring Market & the universe of our partners – taste, touch, read…. Treat yourself

13TH & 14TH MAY 2023


If you are interested in having a stand or in becoming a partner please contact us .


The first yoga studio online available in French that continues to evolve and journey through the world of wellness. YogaChezMoi offers online programmes & classes in Yoga, Meditation, Breath work, Pilates and much more.

Vaison la Romaine

The town of Vaison la Romaine, beautiful and ancient nestled in the heart of the Drome Provençal region of Southern France, is home to our festival. We will be in the Centre Culturel situated 200 metres from the main town square that we invite you to discover under the Spring time sunshine.

Air Zen Radio

The birth of the first national radio station that is 100% positive. France - has a deep desire right now for positive news & we cater for their needs. Discover our programmes including Namaste the programme that our Godmother Natasha St Pier hosts each Friday evening.

Market Place

We are preparing a very beautiful market as we speak. It will delight all the senses & we invite you to come & enjoy it. 


We take what you throw away and turn it into a decoration or practical object. Furniture, upcycling, original creations, chandeliers and lamps….. A rebirth, a new life!

Happy Nine

Happy Nïne is an invitation to reclaim the traditional knowledge and uses of plants and natural therapies to put them at the service of everyone. Between modernity and tradition, his art of living helps you regain control of your well-being and reconnect with your deepest nature. Through simple daily routines, accessible to all, revealing the accuracy of ancestral knowledge, Happy Nïne allows you to find the balance of body and mind in harmony with joy, pleasure and energy.

Wild Peace

Our Guardian Cat in addition to her decoration of this sacred space that we share with you, offers you her creations of Malas, Talismoon, dream catchers and original creations that come from the heart. Discover the world and creations of Cat & Wild Peace

Aimée de Mars Aromaparfums

A fine selection of natural and vegan fragrances. A real element of well-being, the care action of our Aromaparfums allows the harmonization of the emotional body. Valérie Demars created and patented Aromaparfumerie®: natural perfumes with a caring action on the body and mind. At the heart of each Aimée de Mars aromaparfum is the elixir of happiness and love: 21 vibrant essential oils combined with harmonizing spring water from Saint-Genulphe.

Pixie Plumes

Since I was little I have collected treasures those offered by the earth, the sky and the wind. My rewards are full of these. Stones, feathers and more.... Today I offer my creations to the world created feathers jewellery that float in the wind and caress your hair.

ICI Creation

Creation and Well-being support Creations for your yoga & meditation practices. It is the story of a natural benevolence towards being on a daily basis. Cork is a material filled with qualities from the bark of the cork oak, a self-regenerating tree: the cork is extracted without cutting down the tree. The cork oak is present all around the Mediterranean. Cork is soft, warm, durable, fire resistant, flexible, impermeable to liquids and gases...

The Women’s Spirit Festival invites women to come together, share, move, dance, breath, be. To unleash the wild creative spirit within.

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