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24th - 26th May 2024


If you are interested in having a stand or in becoming a partner please contact us .

Yoga Magazine

Yoga magazine is a beautiful offering for those interested in yoga & physical or spiritual wellness. Based on the simple values of inner beauty, authenticité & inspiration, the magazine offers interviews, insights and more to help, you along your path to inner fulfilment


The first yoga studio online available in French that continues to evolve and journey through the world of wellness. YogaChezMoi offers online programmes & classes in Yoga, Meditation, Breath work, Pilates and much more.

Mika Pizza

Our food truck partner for this year arrives with his wood fire pizza van and some great friends to serve drinks, coffee, snacks and more

Vaison la Romaine

The town of Vaison la Romaine, beautiful and ancient nestled in the heart of the Drome Provençal region of Southern France, is home to our festival. We will be in the Centre Culturel situated 200 metres from the main town square that we invite you to discover under the Spring time sunshine.

ShivaShakti School of Yoga

ShivaShakti is a yoga teacher training school & so much more! Offering 200, 300 & 50 hour courses & programmes, with a fluid yoga style, holistic alignment, elemental & visceral connections & nourishment for the sacred feminine & the pillars of femininity, ShivaShakti has structure method & style!

Air Zen Radio

The birth of the first national radio station that is 100% positive. France - has a deep desire right now for positive news & we cater for their needs. Discover our programmes including Namaste the programme that our Godmother Natasha St Pier hosts each Friday evening.


Happinez is a unique magazine in France aligning depth, wisdom & a way of life to s'inspire us all to live in search of our own spiritual truth. based on opening the doors of curiosity as a guide along the path of wellness, explore the routes & pathways with them & journey along the lands of self discovery.

Bhalf Moon

A beautiful range of Yoga products. the best yoga mats, fabulous quality accessories, essential oils, crystals and much more....

Market Place

We are preparing a very beautiful market as we speak. It will delight all the senses & we invite you to come & enjoy it. 


We take what you throw away and turn it into a decoration or practical object. Furniture, upcycling, original creations, chandeliers and lamps….. A rebirth, a new life!

Azu Lesencia

"Medicinal plant based products often from plants collected during my travels that I love working with" Neis. Blue Lotus is a beautiful plant & many products are created with love & intention based from one plant. As well as that Neis creates unique style jewellery & sells Priestess silk kimonos & belts for energetic protection.


“Kutipravesika” is a Sanskrit term used to describe a regenerative therapy based on Ayurveda, an ancestral Indian medicine. Kutipravesika is embodied here by an association that works with passionate contributors and volunteers to spread the ancestral knowledge of Self-knowledge from Indian and Himalayan culture. It is an impulse from the heart of Charline – Sita Vedjeet. The idea was inspired by the place where she lives, a house in the heart of the Coupeau forest at Les Houches, in the wonderful Chamonix Mont Blanc Valley to offer a “little house of regeneration”


I am a tatou artist who creates with intention & in co creation with you! I speak in the language of flowers and Talismen. I will be using my inspiration and channeling your energy as we work together to create magic.

Lili Stone

« I make original statues to honour women, to reconnect them to the original essence, their wisdom, their beauty so that they can totally love themselves. Statues that will help celebrate & be in the world the unique creations that they are!"

Parfum d'Eveil

Inspired by ancient wisdom, this holistic perfume brand has a different approach so link the wellness from the odour & the power of the essential oils in the perfume. This is to balance the body, mind and soul. Parfum d'Éveil is based in Switzerland & follows the moon cycles; It is 100% naturel & organic

Roxane Innerlight

This is beautiful cacao stand full of energy & vibration. A space to celebrate time gone by, ti stop and pause, to take the time to reconnect. You will find cacao drinks & ceremonial Guatemalan Cacao, energy balls et chocolate and everything is gluten & lactose free with no refined sugar.

L'Etoile de mes Rêves

L'étoile de mes rêves Jexellery, feathers, veggie gold, cloaks & capes & things we love from Bali. Decoration & more filled with love

Wild Peace

Our Guardian Cat in addition to her decoration of this sacred space that we share with you, offers you her creations of Malas, Talismoon, dream catchers and original creations that come from the heart. Discover the world and creations of Cat & Wild Peace

Studio Eucalyptus

Laure is a Graphic Designer who accompanies entrepreneurs wishing to open their ethical, energetic & holistic path in marketing their business. It is an affirmation of their values thanks to a digitally aligned identity.

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage will be on offer by Nadège and Vanessa. Clothed and on a futon this massage is fabulous for removing the knots in the body & getting the energy to circulate freely. It is a deep form of relaxation. Reservations can be made on the spot during the course of the festival and are based on 30 minute sessions.


Elixalp is a laboratory of natural products that was created 30 years ago by my Father in law, Toni Ceron. We are based at the Col du Feu in Haute Savoie. We practice phototherapy inspired by ancient methods & natural alchemy called Spagyrie in our own gardens & from wild farming.

ICI Creation

Yoga Bricks & Supports Made in french cork to help support you in your Yoga, Pilates & Meditation practice. 100% French cork to support the body in different ways & help rendre the pose more stable.

Anjali Moonrise

Anjali Moonrise is devoted to producing eco friendly clothing & respecting the planet. It's why we are proud to sell these products that have been created in respect & gratitude. Discover our wide range right here

La Goutte Créative

Charlotte & Charly will be enchanting us with their stories, books, creative projects during the festival and we are thrilled that they will be there with us on this fabulous creative weekend ride.

Lidwine Lavergne

Lidwine Lavergne is an illustrator & ceramist, navigating between Strasbourg & Bordeaux, and creates a wonderful mix of manga, punk & arts.

Anne Laure Petithory

Therapist & Medium, Anne-Laure journées with you on a multidimensional level fusing hypnotherapy, energetic healing, EMDR-IMO & insight. You can discover her stand & unique style of guidance at the festival.

Oléa ad Sana

"My name is Emilie, I am passionate about essential oils & nature. I am trained in organic cosmetics & hand made soaps. Discover my energetic soaps created by cold press with a 9% oil base & my sold shampoos = zéro rubbish. You can look at all that create on my web site" Ethical, beautiful et efficient - everything we love!

Dorothée Rey

Wellness through the perfume of candles - naturally perfumed with essential oils & created by hand in Haute-Savoie between lake & mountain scape. The sources of inspiration are nature & the changing seasons, Dorothée takes these ingredients & created these beautiful candles respecting your health & well being and that of the planet!

Charlotte Saint Jean

Sacred hand made creations. Oracle Alters & Sacred Circles created with love in wool - each an original creation and filled with love and intention. Each oracle mat or sacred circle is a complet original work of art and created each time with love & intention. Charlotte will also have on her stand exclusive offers centred around her online programmes coupled with sacred gifts & intentions.

Ka.Ju Atelier

[ ka.ju ] is the Phonetic way to say stone in French In a world of impermanence this beautiful workshop was created using natural products, stones quartz & agates. are fully chosen on the beaches of les Landes & the Basque region. Mounted elegantly in metal these creations celebrate the simplicity of nature. An Ode to the feminine & the ocean energy these stones will become a guardian of your energy.

Leda Macoro

Artist & Art Therapist, Leda is passionate about Holistic health. "I help wellness entrepreneurs in their visual identity and their illustration projects" Author of Oracle Yoga de Lumière (Ed. Courrier du Livre), Leda has développe a whole universe around the artistic feminine. She will be present at the festival offering body painting amongst other things.

Valy Pixie Plumes

Beautiful feather earrings Pixie plumes pays hommage to the wild feminine energy, bohemian, free, unique! Creations made with attention & love creating magic to wear. Each has it's own identity juste like you

Bhalf Moon

Yoga mats, high quality yoga accessories, essentiel oils & wellness accessories.

The Women’s Spirit Festival invites women to come together, share, move, dance, breath, be. To unleash the wild creative spirit within.

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