Women's Spirit Festival

Our vision is to create a unique event in a relaxed atmosphere reserved exclusively for women. International teachers, women of many nationalities, ages, backgrounds, joining in breath, movement and meditation.

24th - 26th MAY 2024

Women Have Spirit

Created by women for women

Women face a need – real or unconsciously erected – to have to “manage everything, all the time, on their own”. And to be everywhere. The phases of a woman’s life offer intense challenges, both psychic and emotional as well as physical and material, and for many they embody several women in a single body: mother, businesswoman, head of the family, governess, sportswoman, taxi driver. , girlfriend, confidant…. The list is endless!

But they often leave aside certain “essentials” of a woman’s life… her sweetness, her sensuality, her femininity… And do not always see the hands stretched out near them.

This year our sixth festival encourages women to integrate their just alignement and offer them 3 days of celebration, freedom & joy. In benevolence, without judgement, in the practice of yoga and meditation, of dance & song. A moment to sharing happiness, sisterhood & unite our collective strength & potential.

Come with an open heart, a wild mind & a creative song in your heart!

Be wild & free

Honour yourself and honor your sisters, past, present and future

Breath & Dance

When women breath together something incredible happens. Our spirit connects, expands, flies higher.

Meditate and Think

Inspire & equip thousands of women to find their balance, feel their best and be their best!


Charlotte Saint Jean & Cat Declercq

This year’s festival theme is all about Force & Just Alignment - what are you being called to do

Sisters in soul Cat & Charlotte share the same values of trust, intuition & creative inspiration. cat brings her experience of interior design & style and Charlotte her yogic entrepreneurship to this rich experience that is the Women’s Spirit Festival. 

The festival was born from a dream that Charlotte had about bringing women together to breath, move, danse & sing in the most authentic way. To empower, encourage and share what is sacred to us all.

After several editions in Paris, Charlotte had a vision to relocate the festival to Provence and so the Women’s Spirit Provence festival was born.

This year’s theme is all about Just Alignment & Strength & promises to be an incredible event just as the Spring time light and creative magic arrives into the magnificent venue.

Gratitude to the town of Vaison la Romaine for the partnership in the festival.

We will also be organising monthly meditations, a virtual online festival & a retreat in the months coming. More information to follow

Festival Godmother

Natasha St Pier

Natasha is well known in France & beyond for her incredible singing talent but the slightly lesser known aspect of her is that she is a devoted yogini, a yoga teacher & of course a wonderful mantra singer. She is host to the show Namaste on Airzen Radio each Friday & an advocate for healthy & connected living. Her recent Jeanne tour celebrates the life of an prolific strong woman, Joan of Arc, further proof that Natasha is the perfect Godmother for our festival.

She will be shining here light and support on us this year.

24TH & 26TH MAY 2024


The Women’s Spirit Festival invites women to come together, share, move, dance, breath, be. To unleash the wild creative spirit within.

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